Lash extensions + Henna brow design

Getting ready in the morning has never been so easy! With this special you’ll look flawless with very little effort. Can you imagine anything better?

BB Glow + Dermaplaning

With this treatment your skin will look glowy, even, soft and most importantly, healthy. It is not recommended for people with acne, sensitive skin or other skin conditions such as rosacea.

Henna Brow Design + Makeup

Eyebrows are the frame of the face. With this special you will make every look turn around when you walk in the room with your fabulous brows and makeup! The best part is, your eyebrows will end up looking flawless for weeks!

Botox + Fillers

Goodbye wrinkles and hello youth! The Botox will take care of your wrinkles and fine lines, making it more plump, youthful and healthy. Fillers will also help the overall look, making your lips a little bigger and juicy.